First Aired



 1. December 28, 1958 The Wild Man

Someone is against a logging company.

Writer: Alex J. Wells
Director: Paul LandresGuest star: Buddy Baer (The Wild Man),
Tom Daly (Sheriff),
I. Stanford Jolley (Charlie),
Nick Nicholson (Larson),
Henry Rowland (Sven)Global rating: 9.5
 2. December 28, 1958 Sky Robbers

A charity is pilfered by an air racer.

Writer: John Grey, Del Lord
Director: William J. Hole Jr.Guest star:
Dwight Brooks (Greg Nelson),
Patrick Miller (Marsh)Global rating: 9.5
 3. December 28, 1958 A Dog Named Barney

A seeing-eye dog
trails a stickup artist.

Writer: Dwight Babcock
Director: Paul Landres

Guest star: Harvey Grant (Johnny Henderson),
Don C. Harvey (Milo Frost),
Keith Richards (I) (Al Condon)

Global rating: 9.5

 4. December 28, 1958 Bullet Bait

Nuptials are interrupted by kidnappers.

Writer: Burt Sims
Director: Paul LandresGuest star: James Dobson (Joe Halliday),
Joseph Hamilton (Winslow),
Don C. Harvey (Milo Frost),
Hank Patterson (Ezzie),
Boyd Stockman (Hunk Murray)Global rating: 10.0
 5. April 4, 1959 Money Has Wings

An undercover job to protect cargo pilots.

Writer: Stanley H. Silverman, C. Ray Stahl
Director: Paul LandresGuest star: John Alvin (Carter),
Charlene Brooks (Betty),
Rand Brooks (Martin Wellman),
George Mather (Conroy),
Will J. White (Phil Banning)Global rating: 10.0
 6. January 4, 1959 Frog Man

Trouble in Reno for a ranch hand’s boy.

Director: William WitneyGuest star: Jim Beck (Rick),
Emlen Davies (Nell Prentice),
Alan Dinehart III (Jimmy),
Dennis Moore (Joe),
Jerry Oddo (Fahey)Global rating: 10.0
 7. February 1, 1959 Terror Cruise

Penny is hijacked on a friend’s yacht.

Writer: William LivelyDirector: Paul LandresGuest star: Paul Fierro (Lobos),
Leslie Bradley (Hank Martin)Global rating: 10.0
 8. February 1, 1959 Runaway Truck

The driver has taken an overdose
of sleeping pills, and the
truck is full of children on a picnic.

Director: William Witney
Guest star: Clark Smith (Doc Sawyer)Global rating: 10.0
 9. February 1, 1959 Bounty Hunters

Coyotes attack Sky’s livestock.

Guest star: Michael Hinn (Al Collier),
Robert Swan (Max Wilson)Global rating: 10.0
10. February 22, 1959 A Mickey for Sky

Overheard mischief on an airliner.

Guest star: Gary Hunley (Mickey)Global rating: 10.0
11. March 1, 1959 Dead Giveaway

A stolen car ring.

Director: William WitneyGuest star: Bill Hale (Ollie) ,
Robert Clarke (Vic Mathews),
Gary Hunley (Mickey),
Glenn Strange (Link)Global rating: 10.0
12. March 1, 1959 Ring of Fire

A chief refuses medical treatment.

Writer: Burt SimsDirector: Paul LandresGuest star: Jan Arvan (Chief Lone Cloud),
Anthony George (Frank),
Walter Reed (Beck),
Rusty Wescoatt (Varner)Global rating: 10.0
13. March 8, 1959 Mickey’s Birthday

At an amusement park,
smugglers put one over on him.

Guest star:
Gary Hunley (Mickey),
Larry Chance (Brewer)Global rating: 10.0