Sky King TV Series Cast:

The television version starred Kirby Grant as Sky King and Gloria Winters as Penny. Other regular characters included Sky's nephew Clipper, played by Ron Hagerthy, and Mitch the sheriff, portrayed by Ewing Mitchell. Mitch, a competent and intelligent law enforcement officer, depended on his friend Sky's flying skills to solve the harder cases. Other recurring characters included Jim Bell, the ranch foreman, played in four episodes by Chubby Johnson, as well as Sheriff Hollister portrayed by Monte Blue in five episodes, and Bob Carey, portrayed in ten episodes by Norman Ollestad.

Sky King Regular Cast:

Sky King "The Songbird":

The first 39 episodes of the Sky King TV series the Songbird was a Cessna T-50 twin-engine wooden-framed airplane as the Songbird.  Learn more

In episodes 40 through 72, the Sky King TV series replaced the Songbird with a twin-engine Cessna 310B. The airplane used was the second production 310B (tail number N5348A).  Learn more

Sky King Notable Guest Stars: