Sky King Fan Club

Anyone who shares our Sky King interest is surely a friend of ours, especially a real Fan Club.

We should note that the Sky King Fan Club, does, however, have an incorrect story on their site. They report that there were actually 136 Sky King televised episodes, and that the additional 64 burned in a fire.

There is no truth to this story. In fact, we at the Sky King Productions confirmed that that is a myth, when we spoke with Gloria Winters and Ron Hagerthy in 2008. Both Gloria and Ron confirmed that there were only 72 episodes, and no more than that.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

US Air Force

Many Sky King fans became pilots or joined the Air Force due to Sky King’s influence, so we had to include the US Air Force here.

Ultimate Aviation Links

Amos and Andy

Do you enjoy old classic black and white television series as we do? One of our favorites is Amos and Andy at