First Aired



 1. December 29, 1957 Mystery Horse

A thoroughbred is in a canyon.

Guest stars:

Joe Turkel (Ralph Clark),
Rick Vallin (Jim Clark),
Richard Vath (Ken Kittredge)

Global rating: 10.0

 2. 1956 Double Trouble

Sky pilots a Navy jet
to stop a lookalike
flying with explosives in the Songbird
toward a military base.

Writer: William Welch
Guest star: Allan Ray (Mason),
Rand Brooks (Chief),
Ed Erwin (Sports Store Clerk),
Harry Fleer (Captain Lamp),
Mauritz Hugo (Redick),
Wally Walker (Jewelry Clerk)

Global rating: 10.0

 3. January 5, 1958 Note for a Dam

Sky and Penny are held captive
by a maniac planning to
dynamite a waterworks.

Guest star: Paul Donovan (I) (Jim Grant),
Al Ferguson (Kelligan),
Charles Hayes (Angus McConicle),
Troy Patterson (Ranch Hand),
Jack Tesler (Angus McConicle)

Global rating: 10.0

 4. January 5, 1958 Bad Actor

A film unit on location
isn’t everything it seems.

Writer: William Welch
Director: Stuart McGowanGuest stars: Michael Carr (Bob McLain),
Fred Krone (Al Meadows),
Allan Ray (First Man),
Ted Wedderspoon (Frank Geller),
Rusty Wescoatt (Second Man)

Global rating: 10.0

 5. January 12, 1958 Fight for Oil

An oilman faces opposition.

Writer: Marilyn Murphy
Director: Oliver Drake
Guest star: Jack Lomas (Willie McNair),
Robert Swan (Constable Stone),
Robert Tetrick (Fred)

Global rating: 10.0

 6. January 12, 1958 Lost Boy

The way to find a boy in the desert
is with the Songbird.

Director: Clark L. Paylow
Guest star: Ricky Allen (Bobby Hutchins),
Gordon Barnes (Mr.Hutchins),
Michael Hale (Prospector)

Global rating: 10.0

 7. January 26, 1958 The Brain and the Brawn

Mind over matter at the county fair.

Guest stars:
Edward C. Cobb (Captain Steven Blake),
Karl Davis (Mighty Morgan),
Austin Green (Eldon Freese),
William Vaughan (The Rajah),
Rusty Wescoatt (Red Forrest)

Global rating: 10.0

 8. February 6, 1956 The Feathered Serpent

Sky’s on the trail of a homing pigeon
carrying a jewel.

Guest star:
Audley Anderson (Doc. Robinson),
Howard Dayton (Briggs),
William Flaherty (Willard Garvin),
Terry Frost (Captain Thomas),
Henry Rowland (Max)Global rating: 10.0
 9. February 27, 1956 The Circus Clown Mystery

An unusual suspect description
leads Sky and Penny
to the big top.

Writer: David Karp
Director: Oliver DrakeGuest stars:
Frank Scannell (Briggs),
Larry Johns (Sheriff of Oakdale),
Gloria Marshall (Maria),
Nick Nicholson (Ringmaster),
David Tomack (Poppo The Clown)

Global rating: 10.0

10. February 22, 1958 Dead Man’s Will

A land dispute takes
some investigating to settle.

Guest stars:
Steve London (Dr. Dan Vickers),
Joe Patridge (Sam Driver),
Hank Patterson (Ben Poe),
Nick Thompson (Chief Waning Moon),
Frederick Welch (Uncle Norman)Global rating: 10.0
11. March 9, 1958 Cindy, Come Home

A little girl pines away
for her absent father.

Guest stars:Esther Furst (unaccredited),
Darcy Hinton (unaccredited),
Harvey B. Dunn (Bailey),
Elizabeth Harrower (Miss Norris),
William Hudson (I) (Doctor),
Bruce Kay (Swanson),
Dayle Rodney (Jen)

Global rating: 10.0

12. March 9, 1958 Rodeo Decathlon

Sky fills in for an injured athlete.

Guest stars:John L. Cason (Bull Harrison),
Gary Clark (StonyHarrison),
Paul Donovan (I) (Hunt Morgan),
Dick Elliott (Official),
Texas Joe Foster (Clay Abbott),
Gordon Terry (Doctor)

Global rating: 10.0

13. March 9, 1958 Abracadabra

A famous magician
hocus-pocuses a diamond.

Guest stars:Dirk Evans (Hank),
William Keene (Peters),
Horman Nazarr (The Great Barlow),
Gloria Pall (Blanche Golden),
Jack Reynolds (Detective Kenny)

Global rating: 10.0

14. March 9, 1958 Triple Exposure

Philately and the press.

Guest stars:

Barbara Knudson (Gloria Blane),
Mary Newton (Mrs.Van Kamp),
Frank Richards (Carlo),
Sam Scar (Turk),
Lomax Study (Andre Ramel),
Philip Van Zandt (Mr. Des Moines)

Global rating: 10.0

15. March 16, 1958 The Haunted Castle

Strange phenomena is under investigation.

Guest stars: Curt Barrett (Pilot),
Gail Bonney (Mrs. Barrett),
Robert Roark (Clayton Jones)

Global rating: 10.0

16. March 16, 1958 Manhunt

A fugitive under a misapprehension
flees to Mexico.

Guest stars:Richard Denby (First Buddy),
Richard Beymer (Joe Beldon),
Kathleen Mulqueen (Judith Beldon),
Gary Conway (Jack Beal),
Craig Duncan (Deputy Burke),
Mike Sather (Second Buddy)

Global rating: 10.0

17. March 16, 1958 Danger at the Sawmill

Trouble in the works.

Guest stars:Ed Hinton (Red O’Brian),
Walter Kray (Lou),
Henry Kulky (Moose Tanner)Global rating: 10.0
18. March 23, 1958 Sleight of Hand

Sharpers lay a snare.

Guest stars:Irvin Ashkenazy (Marty),
Joseph Conway (Joe),
Terry Kelman (Davey Wilson),
Walter Maslow (Miller),
Marc Platt (Bob),
Frankie Van (Charlie)

Global rating: 10.0

19. March 23, 1958 The Runaway

Davey heads for the hills
with desperadoes at his heels.

Guest stars:Terry Kelman (Davey Wilson),
Bob LaVarre (Calva),
Gregg Palmer (Frank Kinnard),
Britt Wood (Bobcat Hazin)

Global rating: 10.0

20. March 30, 1958 Stop That Train

Dynamiters kidnap Penny.

Guest stars:Bill Hale (Bert),
Eddie Foster (Jack),
Terry Kelman (Davey Wilson),
George Mather (Operator),
Elmore Vincent (Station Master),
Pierre Watkin (Railroad President)

Global rating: 10.0