First Aired



 1. January 2, 1956 The Neckerchief

A young bandit is in Sky’s custody.

Writer: Fran Van HartsveldtDirector: Stuart McGowanGuest star:  Gil Frye (Allen McNeil), Leonard A. Mazzola
(Ted), Dennis Moore (Charlie)Global rating: 10.0
 2. January 2, 1956 Man Hunt

A local boy is kidnapped by convicts on the run.

Barney A SareckyDirector: Clark L. PaylowGuest star: Bill Hale (Gordon) , Jack Nestle (Herman the
Hermit), Bill Henry (Stoney)Global rating: 10.0
 3. January 9, 1956 The Plastic Ghost

SOS in a ghost town.

Adrian GendotDirector: Jodie CopelanGuest star: Myron Healey (Fallon), I. Stanford Jolley
(Dr. Sommers), Fred Krone (Jeff), Frank Richards (Marty)Global rating: 10.0
 4. January 9, 1956 The Rainbird

A medicine man must bring rain.

Writer: Orville H. HamptonDirector: Jodie CopelanGuest star: Harry Macklin (Stan Newton), Charles Stevens (Tai
Lan)Global rating: 10.0
 5. January 30, 1956 The Crystal Trap

A map to uranium mines is stolen.

Writer: Burt SimsDirector: Stuart McGowanGuest star: Ed Erwin (Joe Graham), Gil Frye (Mel), Leonard A.
Mazzola (Art), Dennis Moore (Deputy Sheriff Frank Sheldon),
Hal Taggart (Dennis)Global rating: 10.0
 6. January 30, 1956 The Red Tentacle

A code of silence hinders
terrorized local Chinese.

Writer:Director:Guest star: W.T. Chang (Sam Ling), James Hong (Jimmy Ling),
Weaver Levy (Chan), Gene Roth (Hale)Global rating: 10.0
 7. February 6, 1956 Boomerang

An émigré scientist is blackmailed.

Writer: Orville H. HamptonDirector: Jodie CopelanGuest star: June Burt (Karen Majeck), George DeNormand
(Police Captain), Steven Geray (Majeck), Don C. Harvey (Waring),
Bill Kennedy (Bishop)Global rating: 10.0
 8. February 6, 1956 The Geiger Detective

Sky tracks down robbers who
have taken an old miner hostage.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Bill Hale (Lonnie) , Joe Conway (Karl), Bill
Henry (Slack)Global rating: 10.0
 9. February 27, 1956 The Golden Burro

An old miner transports
ore through the desert.

Writer: Burt SimsDirector: Jodie CopelanGuest star: Stanley Andrews (Dan), Gregg Barton (Stu), Nesdon
Booth (George Cannon), Kenne Duncan (Murdock), Eugenia Paul (Carmita
Fernandez)Global rating: 10.0
10. March 5, 1956 Rustlers on Wheels

A state-of-the-art operation.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Stanley Andrews (Pop Benson), Gregg Barton
(Curt), Nesdon Booth (Al), Harold Conrad (Station Attendant),
Billy Lechner (Rod Brooks)Global rating: 10.0
11. March 5, 1956 The Silver Grave

Tales of the past lead Sky
on a merry chase.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Baynes Barron (Mason Sinclair), Sam Flint (George
Wilson), I. Stanford Jolley (Charlie), Effie Laird (Granny)Global rating: 10.0
12. March 12, 1956 Uninvited Death

A foreign agent booby-traps Sky’s car
at a military weapons testing facility.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Don Brodie (Amos Lorkin), Mauritz Hugo (Ellis
Carson), Gloria Moore (Denise McKay), Brad Trumbull (Major
Dave Mckay), Myron Cook (Fred Bates)Global rating: 10.0
13. March 19, 1956 Fish out of Water

A convict seeks vengeance.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Baynes Barron (Ernie Rigo), Sam Flint (Judge
Mason), I. Stanford Jolley (Ben), Effie Laird (Mrs. Mason)Global rating: 10.0
14. March 19, 1956 Diamonds on a Sky-Hook

A new way to ferry valuables.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Hal K. Dawson (Fred Watson), Charles Hayes (Civil
Aeronautics Official), Ralph Neff (George Stallings), Rusty
Wescoatt (Pete)Global rating: 10.0
15. April 2, 1956 Flood of Fury

Sky rescues a gang
plotting a bank robbery.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Rusty Wescoatt (Frisco), John L. Cason (Dave),
Joe Conway (III) (Silky)Global rating: 10.0
16. April 2, 1956 Rocket Story

Before a missile test,
one of Sky’s guests is an impostor.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Scott Douglas (Carl), Robert Malcolm (Nogard),
Don Marlowe (Andrews), Dennis Moore (Lazor)Global rating: 10.0
17. April 23, 1956 Rodeo Roundup

A show holdup turns
legit at the Rodeo.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Bill Hale (Waco Johnson), Rhodes Reason (Chuck
Wilson), Boyd ‘Red’ Morgan (Stagecoach Driver), Harrison
Lewis (Fred Cootes)Global rating: 10.0
18. April 23, 1956 Showdown

Horse thieves.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Don Brodie (Doc. Adams), John L. Cason (Fred
Clay), George Milan (Matt Clay), Dennis Moore (Ric Varney)Global rating: 10.0
19. April 30, 1956 Land o’Cotton

Mexicans face involuntary servitude.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Harvey B. Dunn (Appleby), Gil Frye (Lt. Ramierez),
Larry Gelbman (Turk), Jack O’Shea (Mexican Worker), Orlando
Rodriguez (Peppe), Carol Thurston (Maria), William Vaughan
(Miguel)Global rating: 10.0
20. April 30, 1956 Dust of Destruction

Someone has sabotaged
a young rancher’s harvest.

Writer:Director:Guest star: Bill Hale (Harley) , Billy Lechner (Hank
Marshall), Harrison Lewis (Ben Molter), Rhodes Reason (Kinnard)Global rating: 10.0