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Out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King, a WWII naval aviator-turned rancher, who flies his twin-engine Cessna high above the Arizona plains. Accompanying Sky on his adventures are his nephew, Clipper and his teen niece, Penny.
Sky King and Penny

Welcome to the website of the Sky King Productions! We know the Sky King history, and for your entertainment, we have many interesting facts and photos on our website. We invite you to read about the history of the Sky King series, browse through our collection of photos, and see the biographies of the beloved Sky King cast.

Sky King 50s Magazine
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We proudly bring you the entire Sky King syndicated television series on DVD! With the permission of the original Flying Crown Enterprises, we have digitally re-mastered their original film from the Broadcast Masters.

Sky King DVD Boxed Set  Sky King DVD Boxed Set
Get your set of the original, complete series of 72 uncut televised Sky King episodes, produced from 1952 to 1959. Get them in the 18 DVD boxed set or the 9 VHS tape set. Complete with their credits, the commercials alone are sure to bring back memories. Sky King Sale Today!
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                Aviation Radio History
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Various websites have been illegally selling our copyrighted and trademarked episodes of the Sky King Television show at a lesser price. They have further stated that these are the property of public domain which is false information. Please know that there are only 4 Sky King episodes in the Public Domain. We solely retain the copyright to the complete 72 episodes of Sky King. We are not a video company; we own the show! Beware of bootleggers.

Numerous consumers have informed us of their monetary loss by an assumed purchase of the Sky King box set from one of these sites. It was only after they did not receive their item that they realized there is no real way to contact anyone at the site where they made their purchase. There may only be a small form to fill out for any issues, to which they do not respond. Their 30 day guarantee is never honored. There is no real person, no telephone number and no address on these sites, and their policies are very dishonest and ambiguous.

One of these outfits operates and sells our copyrighted materials under numerous websites. They have hidden their domain ownership information, and they are actually a foreign operation. Thus, legal proceedings against them and law enforcement pursuance have been near impossible. We sincerely hope that you do not fall prey to their illegal activities.

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